Explore our unforgettable sweets. We have a team of talented artists who work diligently at creating beautiful and delectable confections like Chocolate Bon Bon's, Hand Piped Sugar Cookies, French Macarons, Queen Bee Nougat, Artisan Marshmallows and Party Cakes that are perfect for a luxe dessert table or your next dinner party!


a chocolate lovers dream

the bon bon


the bon bon

Our handmade Bon Bons are a chocolate lovers dream.  We mold our chocolates in small batches using Belgium chocolate imported from Belgium which has a smooth profile, is nicely balanced, and not intensely bitter. We also use Valrhona chocolate which is more expensive to produce but totally worth it!  Valrhona is a French premium chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain-l'Hermitage in Hermitage, a wine-growing district near Lyon. The profile is complex, bitter, fruity, slightly sour, with just a bit of sweetness. 

Gift of 6 for $10.50

Gift of 12 for $20



  • Milk Chocolate: Sea Salt Caramel, Passion Fruit

  • Dark Chocolate: Raspberry Rose, Marshmallow, Honey Comb, Toasted Coconut, Dark House Bourbon, Espresso

  • White Chocolate: Matcha Green Tea, Lemon Meringue, Cafe Au Lait


pretty, Hand-piped

the sugar cookie


sugar cookies

With attention to detail and modern design, our adorable sugar cookies are the perfect addition to any gathering. Color can be modified for your event and individually wrapped at an additional charge.

$48 per set, 12 cookies per set, assorted sizes, one flavor per set.




  • Orange Cardamom

  • Almond Vanilla Bean

  •  Lemon Earl Gray

  • Spiced Cocoa 



local Fragrant honey

queen bee nougat


queen bee nougat

This sophisticated confection is made with local honey, roasted almonds and dried fruit.  Egg whites are whisked into hot sugar until light and fluffy.  Nuts, dried fruit or chocolate are folded in and then the mixture is molded and cut.  We call our nougat traditional because we want to stay true to the old world nougat recipe.

1/4 lb for $12



  • Autumn honey, roasted almonds, citrus and spices.
  • Summer Honey with roasted pistachios and dried cherries.
  • Summer Honey with pink peppercorns, organic rose petals and dark chocolate.

pretty french cookie

the macaron


the Macaron

With flavors of citrus, vanilla bean, chocolate and almonds, macarons are the perfect little treat.  In one heavenly confection, a crispy almond meringue shell with a chewy interior yields to a lush, creamy ganache, jam or buttercream.

Gift $27 per dozen

 Macaron Tower: A fragrant tower of macarons.

Small - $160
approx. 65 

Medium - $190
approx. 85



  • Espresso: with espresso bean
  • Praline: with hazelnut praline
  • Lemon Cream: with lemon curd
  • White Raspberry: with raspberry and white chocolate
  • Honey Pistachio: with local honey and pistachio

light as air

the marshmallow


the marshmallow

Our popular assorted marshmallows ooze flavor.  Perfect for a hot cup of tea or chocolate, these light as air confections melt like a dream. 

Gift of 1/2 lb. Marshmallow $7.50

Minimum of 24 piece per flavor is required. 

Gift of 3 with ribbon and tag for $2.50



  • Vanilla Bean with real vanilla bean
  • Earl Gray with lemon curd
  • Dark Chocolate with Belgian chocolate and hint of cayenne
  • Coconut with shaved coconut and coconut palm sugar
  • Pink Lemon Rose

delectable buttercream

Party cake


party cake

Our 9: Party Cake is three layers of sponge cake, finished in light, silky buttercream & topped with berries, chocolate, sugar flowers, marshmallow and/or macarons!  

Nine inch | $65

Serves 14 Party Slices (classic triangle) or 30 Straight Cut Pieces (1x2)
Add mini sugar flowers for an additional $15. Our delicate sugar flowers are a work of art.


  • Vanilla Bean with vanilla cake, speckled vanilla bean buttercream and apricot jam topped with white chocolate shavings & mini macarons

  • Milk Chocolate with vanilla bean cake and milk chocolate buttercream topped with milk chocolate shavings & mini macarons

  • White Raspberry with vanilla cake, white chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam topped with fresh & dried raspberries & mini macarons

  • Coconut Lemon Cream with lemon cake, coconut cream buttercream & lemon curd topped with toasted coconut & mini macarons

  • Banana Hazelnut with banana cake & hazelnut praline buttercream topped with candied nut shards & mini macarons

  • Chocolate Espresso with dark chocolate cake, espresso buttercream & ganache topped with cacao nibs and mini macaronsAdd mini sugar flowers for an additional $15. Our delicate sugar  flowers are a work of art.