The macaron is a small piece of perfection that requires exact measurements of ingredients, perfect temperature and moisture control and has the reputation of bringing the most talented bakers to tears.  After attempting many recipes, we have created what we think are some of the most delectable macarons.

MACARONS $2.10 each  |  Box of 5 for $10  |  Box of 10 for $20

Raspberry Rose  Scarlett's Raspberry Rose Jam between Vanilla Bean Macaron Cookies

Earl Gray Lemon Curd  In-House Lemon Curd between Earl Gray Macaron Cookies

Salt Caramel Coffee  Salt Caramel & Coffee between Espresso Macaron Shells

Spiced Chocolate Ganache  Valrhona 60% Madagascar Chocolate Ganache between Chocolate Macaron Cookies

Almond-Vanilla Bean  Almond-Vanilla Bean Buttercream between Almond Speckled Macaron Cookies

Caramel Orange Blossom  Dark Caramel & Orange Blossom Buttercream between Pecan Macaron Cookies

Pistachio Honey Pistachio  Buttercream with Autumn Honey between Pistachio Macaron Cookies

Strawberry Peppercorn  Strawberry-Black Peppercorn Jam between Oat Macaron Cookies

Coconut  Coconut cream between Speckled Almond Macaron Cookies with Toasted Coconut

OYO Bourbon  Bourbon Ganache between Chocolate Macaron Cookies dusted with Valrhona Cocoa


"I must have flowers, always and always."  is my favorite quote from Claude Monet. This is truly how I feel when it comes to my art."  -Scarlett Kilzer

Heirloom macarons can be lovingly gifted to your favorite friends, who truly appreciate art and special surprises.                   They are perfect for teas, showers, bridal parties, thank you's and I love you's.

Adorned with hand-piped, abstract florals, they can be designed in light, pastel colors to fit your event.  Heirloom macarons are a bit larger than our signature macarons, which set them apart and give a nice palate with which to work.

Infused with our favorite teas: $5 each

Matcha Honey  |  Earl Gray  |  Vanilla Rose  |  Black Tea Lemon  |  Chocolate Chai


If you'd like to order macarons for an event, just contact us and we can chat.