lemon, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla bean


With flavors of citrus, vanilla bean, chocolate and nuts, Miam macarons taste as pretty as they look and they are a lovely addition to a dessert table or the perfect gift.




Includes custom ribbon color.

Gift of 1 - $3
Gift of 2 - $5
Gift of 3 - $7



Painted with edible color.

Gift of 1- $3.50

Gift of 2- $5.50

Gift of 3- $7.50



A fragrant tower of macarons.

Small - $160
approx. 65 

Medium - $190
approx. 85


A tower of fluffy vanilla bean meringues. 

Small - $80.00
approx. 65

Medium - $105.00
approx. 85


Most macarons are colored with synthetic dyes.  Miam macarons have all-natural color from vegetables.

BOXES 5 macarons for $10,  15 macarons for $30

10 Rotating Macaron Flavors

  • Chocolate Ganache: with dark chocolate ganache & cinnamon
  • Vanilla Bean: with bourbon vanilla pod infused ganache
  • Espresso: with espresso bean infused ganache
  • Praline: with hazelnut praline ganache
  • Grapefruit: with grapefruit curd
  • Lemon Cream: with lemon curd
  • White Raspberry: with raspberry ganache
  • Coconut: with coconut infused ganache
  • Pistachio: with local honey and pistachio ganache
  • Summer Strawberry: with fresh strawberry




The perfect gift for birthdays, thank yous, dinner parties and just to say that you care. Our very popular assorted marshmallows ooze luxury and style. The French version of the marshmallow forms a crust on top which makes them unique and full of texture. 

Minimum of 24 piece per flavor is required. 

Gift of 3 for $2.50

  • Vanilla Bean with real vanilla bean
  • Lemon with swirls of lemon curd
  • Citrus Rose with zest of orange and rose oil
  • Double Chocolate with Belgian chocolate chunks and hint of cayenne
  • Coconut with shaved coconut and coconut palm sugar

Party Cakes

topped with berries, candy, flowers & macarons

All party cakes are finished in buttercream with your choice of French Macarons or Fresh Flowers & Fruit.

Seven inch serves 8 | $64

Nine inch serves 12 | $96

  • Vanilla Bean with speckled vanilla bean buttercream and apricot

  • Blueberry with blueberry-mascarpone buttercream and lemon curd

  • White Raspberry with white chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam

  • Coconut Cream with coconut cream buttercream and fresh coconut

  • Banana Hazelnut with vanilla buttercream and hazelnut praline


SIGNATURE: Ultimate 24 Layer, Chocolate Espresso Cake

This rich chocolate cake is for the ultimate chocolate lover, with layers of espresso buttercream, hazelnut praline & milk chocolate ganache, topped with espresso macarons and candied hazelnuts.

Eight inch serves 10 | $90

*Add mini sugar flowers to party cakes for an additional $45. Our delicate sugar flowers are a work of art and will last indefinitely away from sun and heat.


pistachios, cranberries, almonds, chocolate, chewy


This sophisticated confection is made with honey, nuts and dried fruit. Traditionally nougat and fine couverture chocolate do not usually meet, however, Miam has redefined the boundaries of nougat.

  • Cranberry Pistachio with Belgium white chocolate,cranberries and pistachios, our most popular.
  • Belgium Cherry with 70% Belgium dark chocolate with dried sour cherries, hazelnuts and toasted coconut, made for chocolate lovers.
  • Queen Bee with Dark amber honey, slow oven roasted almonds, citrus and spices, my signature nougat.

Adorable Hearts

sugar cookies, perfect for shower gifts


These adorable sugar cookies are the perfect addition to any gathering.  They can be color coordinated with your event.

Almond, Vanilla Bean, Orange Cardamom, Anise (one flavor per set)

One Assorted Set (15 cookies) $45



Cream Puffs Coming soon...