The Macaron

Slightly crispy, slightly chewy, mostly delicate … totally irresistible.

Scarlett Kilzer's macarons are skillfully crafted in small batches, and filled with house-made ganaches, buttercreams, caramels and jams. The result is a cookie of remarkable texture and flavor.

Raspberry Rose
Scarlett's Raspberry Rose Jam between traditional Macaron Cookies

Organic Lemon Curd                                                                                                In-House Lemon Curd between traditional Macaron Cookies

Salt Caramel Coffee
Salt Caramel & Coffee between Chocolate Macaron Cookies with Cocoa Nibs

Spiced Chocolate Ganache
Valrhona 60% Madagascar Chocolate Ganache between Chocolate Macaron Cookies

Almond-Vanilla Bean
Almond-Vanilla Bean Buttercream between traditional Macaron Cookies

Caramel Orange Blossom
Dark Caramel & Orange Blossom Buttercream between Pecan Macaron Cookies

Pistachio Honey
Pistachio Buttercream with Autumn Honey between Pistachio Macaron Cookies

Strawberry Peppercorn                                                                        Strawberry-Black Peppercorn Jam between traditional Macaron Cookies with Oats


Our macaron flavors rotate weekly.  If you'd like to order macarons for an event, just contact us and we can chat. 

You can also find our macarons weekly at the Worthington Farmers Market from 9am-12pm in the Worthington mall during the cold months.