3 Month Subscription


3 Month Subscription


This little French cookie is the perfect gift for someone who loves almonds and pretty colors!  The macaron is a delicate sandwich cookie made with almond flour, organic powdered sugar and meringue and is filled with ganache or buttercream.

Most macarons are colored with synthetic dyes.  Miam macarons have all-natural color from vegetables.

With flavors of citrus, vanilla bean, chocolate and nuts, Miam macarons taste as pretty as they look and they are a lovely addition to a dessert table or the perfect gift.

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The first Saturday of every month you will receive a Box of 15 Macarons for $24.  Each box will contain 3 of our favorite flavors of the month.  As a Thank You, receive a BONUS BOX at the end of your subscription (month 4).

JUNE Fathers Day: Maple Bacon, Banana Coffee Chip, White Raspberry

Our 10 Rotating Macaron Flavors

  • Chocolate Ganache: with dark chocolate ganache 
  • Vanilla Bean: with bourbon vanilla pod infused ganache
  • Espresso: with espresso bean infused ganache
  • Praline: with hazelnut praline ganache
  • Grapefruit: with grapefruit curd
  • Lemon Cream: with lemon curd
  • White Raspberry: with raspberry ganache
  • Coconut: with coconut infused ganache
  • Pistachio: with local honey and pistachio ganache
  • Summer Strawberry: with strawberry ganache