A New Collection

Our bon bons are hand-painted and take two to three days to make. We use unadulterated, high-quality, high-end chocolate made right here in Columbus by Ohiyo Chocolate. Each bon bon is piped with fillings that we make in-house, that are layered to create lovely flavor profiles.

The chocolate we use is 85% dark chocolate stone ground for 72 hours with cacao beans sourced from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, a social co-op paying 22-24% above market value to local cacao farms. This chocolate was an instant favorite at Ohiyo Chocolate due to the surprisingly complex flavors of sweet red berries, mild citrus, fudge, and woody/earthy undertones.


Ohiyo Chocolate

“Ohiyo” refers to the Iroquois name for “great river,” a word Condo came across while researching the history of Ohio and chocolate, which was originally a Native American food. Further research into the cacao industry led him to shift focus to directly sourced, single-origin beans, which allow the terroir to shine through in the finished product.


Bon Bons

It took me a few years to get a handle on molding chocolate. It’s a science that is precise and rewarding. Since the batches are small, I take great pleasure in tempering by hand on a marble slab. The perfume of chocolate fills the kitchen and lingers there each time a batch is made.

Our chocolate is vegan. Without dairy, the notes of chocolate shine on their own to create a deliciously intense flavor profile.

-Scarlett Kilzer.